Thursday, 07 May 2009

STALLYUNS!!!! Let's go judging! Placings are updated!

Well, It seems people really enjoyed the last confo exercise so I am going to go ahead and post another one. Same deal as last time. Let's try to get more in depth with our reasons for placing one horse above or below another. Keep in mind the Quarter Horse's and Paint's foundation uses such as ranch work, racing, etc. Now, these are all halter stallions, but let's see if you can look past the weight and place the horses form to function. Also, if any of you have good confo shots of your horses (like the one I have of my pally mare) please email them to me at I will make classes of more "everyday" type horses rather than the horses we all see in the magazines.

Ok, I placed these stallyuns D,B,A,C

When you get to horse C, click the gadget in the upper right hand corner of this blog. They made this song for this horse!
Horse D won this class because to me, he exhibits the best overall balance. He has a lot of scope to his neck. It's neither too long nor too short. I would like to see a better wither. In the photo, he appears to have a mutton wither. He is also not very deep through the heart girth. His croup has a bit too much slope for my taste and I'd like to see a bit more carry down through his hip. Some of you my be going, "why the hell did you place him first?" LEGS, my dear Watson... LEGS. This horse has a very nice gaskin with great angle. His hocks are very well set. He does seem to have the slightest bit of set to his hocks but he is less posty than B,A, or C. He also has quite a bit more bone to him. His stifle is strong and well developed. He has a fantastic underline. His front legs appear clean and straight, with good bone. However, his RF pastern seems a bit too steep. I'd like to see a more laid back shoulder on this guy as well. His neck ties in nicely. He appears a bit thick through the throatlatch,but overall, is a nicely balanced horse with decent enough angles and good bone.

Horse B takes a close second to horse D. I actually like the shoulder, wither and hip of B better than D, but the posty hocks and slight bone were the deal breaker for me. Look at those withers! they extend well into his back and overall he has a fairly short back. While his croup is kind of angular (a little rough couped), he has nice length to his hip and decent carry down. His gaskins are short and well muscled, but they could stand to be a bit longer. He is post hocked which I can't stand and he has teeny tiny upright pasterns. He is also deeper through the heart girth than horse D. He has a decent enough shoulder but it is slightly upright. I would like to see it a hair more laid back. Front legs look nice and straight, but are light of bone and those damn pasterns are killing me. If he just had a bit more angle... His neck ties in very well but, like D, he is thick through the throatlatch. But hey, these are aged stallions.

Horse A takes third. I really like this horse's shoulder. He has the best hip of all the horses but he is really downhill. He is also post hocked, which we all know, I don't like. Other than that,his assessment reads just like horse B, except he appears to be back at the knee and he's practically vertical through his pasterns.

Horse C... Hmmm. I always wanted a J-Lo butt... Do you know what it is like to go through life with no ass at all? I was born with a back with a crack. Do you think CK could give me some of that junk to put in my trunk? Anyway...beautiful neck, decent wither that extends well into his back (although the fat cover doesn't make it appear to be very prominent). His back is rather long as well. I love his shoulder. He has the best shoulder of all the horses so far. Other than that, that's all I like. His hip looks like gelatin jigglers. He is goose rumped and has extreme "hip hang." Furthermore, not only is he post hocked, he has some set to his hocks as well. Anyone want to start a pool on how long before he gets his first hock injection? He is very upright through his pasterns and in this photo, he appears to be back at the knee. His throatlatch is pretty clean though!

I know I didn't get extremely detailed this time around but you get the general idea. In case no one has noticed, I am a leg girl. A horse can have all the balance in the world but if his legs are shit, he's not going to hold up very long.


GoLightly said...

I like stallyun #4 the best.

Most normal looking. Balanced, looks like a QH, without those weird hind end over-muscles.
Correct angles just about everywhere.

I'm finding it hard to see the pics, because they are "transparent" to your background pictures..


CCH said...

D, B, A, C

C's hind end is scary and his neck is snake-like.

A is too upright in his rear legs, and his chest is too far over his front legs for me. He looks the slightest bit down-hill.

B's length of back is most appealing to me. His shoulder looks just a little more upright than D. I can't see his hooves to compare with D either.

D beats B for overall appeal and because I like the depth of his barrel with a nice tuck of his ribcage at the flanks.

Sorry that's all I've got. Its getting a little late for me now.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am horrible at this, but I'll try. I know which ones I think look better, but can't always put my finger on WHY they look better.

I like number 4 best because he looks the most balanced.... He's got the best rear legs, longer than all the other 3 but not overly "set" either. He's got the strongest looking back and has a very pretty neck and head.

1 & 2 are harder for me, I can't really say much except that I prefer the chest on the buckskin and the gaskin. He also seems to have a more laid back shoulder.

4... well, I can spot Carribean Kid a mile away. Nasty goose rumped bubble butt. ICk. I don't like his front legs either though.

At least he has a pretty neck/head?

I give up, I soooo suck at this! haha

success in the pen said...

You do not suck at confo critiques. Everyone has to learn sometime and this is a civilized place to learn. Keep in mind, everybody has a different perception of what they deem "ideal." This is a much harder class to place because the horses are very similar in balance, build, and type. This is where you have to get to the nitty gritty. Even if you are unsure of the "correct" terminology to use, describe what you are seeing. Don't be afraid to use analogies if you can't find the right words. You will eventually learn the terminology and learn to critique with the best of them.

izze90 said...

This is fun.I'm not going to place them, because I would probably embarres myself, but I'm looking forward to see where they place and will try to soak up the information.

Anonymous said...


I like 4 the best; he is balanced and has both a nice front and back end.

While I don't like 2's hind end as well, I like his shoulder.

1 is mediocre in the back end and has an OK shoulder; thick in the throat latch.

3 has horrible hindquarters with droopy butt.

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

Good lord, 3 reminds me of when you put plastic dolls in the looks like a big chunk of his butt is about to slide off...

texasnascarcowgirl said...

I'm going with #4 stallyun as my winner. He appeals to me the best, I like everything about him, he looks like a QH, one that I would buy right now! haha I don't like how they have his head b/c I can't see his throat latch but he is the best of all of them.

#2 is next, it was close but this horse looks more halter type. I am not crazy about his butt and his neck to me ties low. There is something about his neck, I have no idea what it is but I don't like it.

#1 places third, he has a beautiful color. He is downhill, post leged, thick necked, over at the knee. I don't like his pasterns, they are very straight.

#3 is a train wreck. YUCK!! only thing I like about him is his shoulder. I really hope this is not what is winning at halter!

colorisnteverything said...

Haha... I know number 3 a mile away. Don't know why anyone would breed for a droopy diaper butt!

4, 2, 1, 3.

Don't have time for a lengthy critique, but I prefer 4's balance, shoulder, neck, croup, pasterns, hip, and pretty much everything to all of them. He looks very "useful" to me.

2 and 1... hard to decide, but I liked the pasterns on 2 better.

3 I wouldn't even place if I had the choice. Too much wrong there.

HorseHawk said...

1st place, #1- He's better balanced than the rest & has the better structure & over-all muscle. He's downhill & posty, but not to the extreme. He has a nice carry down to his rear & nice slope to his pelvis. Nice stallion.

2nd place, #2- He looks uphill but is on a hill & his body balance is also downhill. He is not as muscled or has quite as good of structure as the 1st stallion & is not as balanced as the 1st stallion. He appears to be shorter coupled, but with his angle away from camera, he is not. He is posty but not to the extreme. He has a nice carry down to his rear much like #1 horse & a nice slope to his pelvis.

3rd place, #4- He stands under himself some. He's not as balanced as the other two & doesn't have the developed rear muscling the top 2 have & his pelvis slopes too much.

4th place, #3- He is not balanced & is too extreme in incorrect structure in too many areas.

kestrel said...

412...3 gelding bus.
Tried to post yesterday but it wouldn't let me, so am trying again.
4 is nicely balanced, good feet, and is the only horse standing where you can see his feet. I've found a frequent photo trick is to hide faults in grass!
1 looks like he may be on a surface that is not level, but good chest and bone, nice shoulder.
2 looks shallower in the heart girth, so placed him 3rd.

rosesr4evr said...

4,2, 1, 3(do we have to place him at all?)

4 appears to be the most balanced, though I would like his hocks lower to the ground, his pasterns are a bit upright, his croup is a little steep. I don't like the pose as it makes it difficult to see his throatlatch, but it looks as though it could be more refined.

2-Could have a bigger eye, cleaner throatlatch, is a little long and weak over the back into a steep croup, nice muscling down the hind leg and has a nice shoulder, almost looks a bit nesty though.

1-This horse appears downhill, has a nice hip, needs more muscling gaskin/stifle area, nicely sloping shoulder, very upright pasterns, posty legged, nice head with a big soft eye, his neck looks thick, kind of cresty.

3-That poor thing! LOL at the melting butt comment and the droopy diaper butt! This horse appears to have stepped up to a funhouse mirror, his back is long and weak, neck ties in high, well laid back shoulder, posty legged, his head is too feminine-lacks definition in the jowl area. This horse is just icky! I really hope this isn't what is placing in the halter ring.

I know I left stuff out. This is fun and a good way to learn to train the eye. I have a hard time trying to put into words why one horse appeals more than another.

GoLightly said...

At least #4's pasterns aren't almost straight,like the first horse.
When did That happen?
Why is that good?

Just askin', don't shoot me.

Dena said...

Wow! That is a lot of short upright pastern to look at.


B Is the most overall balanced to me.
While his croup is a little abbreviated he ties in fair.
Has an attractive head and a nice shoulder.

D While attractive I had to ask myself where is his wither? And he is built downhill back to front.

A I liked this horse the best until I got to his legs.

C Please God do not let that happen to my butt later in life.

I personally like them catty and with speed to burn success in the pen.
So, this type of horse is hard for me to judge.
I was looking at the front end of C and think there are some of my favorite horses in there somewhere and then came the caboose. Clickety Clack.

Dena said...

success in the pen, I agree B is slightly more posty and definitely shorter of pastern.
The wither on D extends as far back as on B though. The picture deceives a little as D is shot closer.

The thing I most did not like about B was the chain in his mouth.
I am seeing that aren't I?
And his goose rump.
I think he has the better neck and possibly the better gams.

To tell you the truth though? I wouldn't choose to put my saddle on any of these.

Babies success in the pen. Do weanlings or yearlings next.
I really enjoy this.
I would have a blast sitting beside you judging horses I love the way you put things.

Dena said...

Oh for craps sake I mean the chain is in Ds mouth.And D has the goose rump.
And D has the better neck and gams.

Anonymous said...

I would pick
1. D - appealing head, nice neck, good shoulder, shoulder/fetlock appear to match, good heartgirth, good clean hindlegs.

2. B - I would only change the hind end a bit and longer pasterns .. the rest I like.

3. A - I would change him for the better from the knees and hocks down and level him out some.

4. C - ACK won't even touch this one with a 10 ft pole.