Saturday, 02 May 2009

How Bout that Derby!!

A big congratulations to Mine that Bird, his jockey, owner and trainer. What a race! That gelding completely blew the rest of the pack away. I was a bit disappointed with the call, the annoncer didn't even acknowledge the horse until it damn near crossed the line.

There is nothing better than seeing an owner care for his horse so much he drove the horse there himself. His owner knew that horse was special. And what great riding by the jockey. He was in tears at the end of the race. Now that was a well derserved victory and a much appreciated victory as well.

Not to mention the horse is a gelding without the chance of ever reproducing(obviously). From what I have seen of the owner, he looks like a man that is in it for the joy and he takes his horse seriously. This was by far one of the best derbys ever in my book. What did you guys think?


GoLightly said...

YAY for Mine That Bird!!!!!!
What a horse, what a race, what a jockey!

Best Derby I've watched in a long time.
Everyone came home safe.

I "delay recorded" it, so I could skip the parts about Paris Hilton's hats.

ColtysHeart said...

I have always been a sucker for the come from behind horses! The announcer missed calling him the first time around - he was so far behind the field. The race seemed almost like a made for T.V. movie. It was GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Great Derby, I agree!

Breeders will have a better chance of getting a 'Mine That Bird' of their own by breeding their mares to Birdstone, though. ;)