Monday, 18 May 2009

So What Pisses You Off in the Show Pen?

I want to know what things, other than abuse or drugging, etc, piss you off when you walk into the show pen or make up pen. I think I could actually write a book on things that piss me off. Maybe I just hold really high standards?

Some things that irk me really badly:

1). Exhibitors not bothering to clean their horse for a showmanship or halter class... seriously... points are awarded for grooming you know. And why the hell would you not want your horse to look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine?

2). Ring masters ushering you in to start your pattern before ALL the judges are paying attention. Do they have any idea how badly they screw some of the exhibitors by rushing them before the judge is ready? At the 07 World, I was ushered in so fast 3 of the judges didn't watch my pattern until I was halfway done. I pay just as much money as everyone else and I expect to be judged. Don't rush my ass!

3). Perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves... placing horses is a halter class that can't even lock in their knees. Come on guys... you know better than this shit. If my horse can stand, and the one next to me looks like she could drop on her face at any minute, she doesn't deserve to win. I don't care how "balanced" you think her body is. She obviously can't even stand still properly. WTF?

4). Rude people. This is a biggie for me. I am nice to everyone I meet. I'm always willing to help someone. But damnit, I'm tired of moving my horse out of the way so you can come through (even when my horse is out of the way); but when I need to get by you and politely say "excuse me" you give me a shitty attitude. This will get someone smacked one day I'm afraid. At the very least I will unleash my frustrations and a string of foul language. I know I look like I'm twelve and I'm only 4'11", but I'm not a child and don't talk to me or treat me like I am a child. I'm just tired of it. If you can't be nice go home please.

5). Please don't run your horse's nose up my horse's ass. She really doesn't like it. I promise. Just because she doesn't kick does not mean you are entitled to "see how close you can get." I make a conscious effort to stay out of people's way. Do me the same courtesy please. If you see me working on a pivot, that does not mean trot your horse to my horse's ass and give me attitude that "I'm in your way."

6). Screaming babies when the rest of the onlookers are silent and you are running a pattern. I don't have kids. Enough said.

7). Screaming parents or trainers. Please, get some couth.

8). Animals that don't belong on the show grounds. Why can't they be left at the trailer or at home? Some horses are not as dead-headed as others. Granted, my mare is pretty good, but I think if she sees an exotic animal at a show while I'm in a class, it may just cost me the class. Not fair at all. Maybe I should run along the rail with a shaking plastic bag and see if you like it.

9). Divas... AKA... Princesses. You are not a princess or a diva. The world does not revolve around you. Contrary to your belief, you need to be nice to other people to get their respect. Not order them around like dogs. And by the way, do you know how to tack up your own horse yet? And you've been showing for how many years? Yes, sadly this happens.

10). The longing for hours to wear the horse out. You do know that if your horse takes forever to get to the point where you can show him (and he's supposedly dead broke), you are making the problem worse by longing his ass off. You are creating a fitter horse that will take longer to calm down in the future. Do you even think about this? Furthermore, if your horse is "finished" WTF do you need to longe him for an hour before you ride him for six hours? And you wonder why his attitude sucks and you are spending a fortune on injections.

I have plenty more, but I want to know what pisses you off. Have at it!


Jacksmom said...

being cut off.
some people may not realise but others know what they are doing. if you think you have to ride dirty to get placed in a class then why are you there. manners seriously.

people whose horses do not belong, as said. i understand having a green horse, but unless you can control it and keep it from running others over please don't bring that in the ring. you are putting more than yourself at risk.

children/ignorant people running around screaming making loud noises. i understand accidents happen but keep your children off the metal bleachers if they plan on running.

as said in the blog. people who don't take the time to clean thier horses up, dish soap isn't expensive at least spot bath and yes even for schooling shows. trim the whiskers get the pee and poo stains out, clean your tack and make an effort!

i am certain there are a million other things that bother me, just seem to have hit a wall right now.

Ckayser said...

I think people should be respectful of beginners. When they are trying their hardest. My daughter works just as hard if not harder to play catch up to these girls and young women who started earlier in their lives than she did. Just because you havent heard of her horse doesnt mean she doesnt belong in the ring with you. After all I make sure she is in the correct class.

Dena said...

The sometimes seemingly utter lack of sportsmanship and decency.

The killer competitive attitude.

A judge or several that everyone can see has already made up their mind who is winning today before they have even faced the class.

The Divas? Tell them they have blood on the back of their pants and watch them run.

Timid Wild One said...

Children/teenagers who treat their parents like slaves. I guess the parents who respond to that treatment without slapping their kid across the face are to blame for that continued behavior, but really, few things piss me off as much as that. I guess it goes along with the whole sense of entitlement that "kids these days" have (that makes me sound really old LOL...I'm only 27). I wish I could adopt those mistreated parents as my "show mom/dad". I haven't had a helper since I got my driver's license, and you can be damned sure I'd be appreciative of anyone who's willing to hang out at a show all day just to wipe my boots, polish my horse, take my coat before I go in the ring, get me a Coke and/or sandwich between classes, etc.

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

Showing at a level much lower than your normal competition. When I was in 4-H there was a guy who brought his World Champion horse and another who showed at the Congress. I find that incredibly rude, especially when 4-H is supposed to be about the kid working with their own horse, not about who has the most expensive one. You're just knocking people who worked hard and who this will be the largest show of the year for them out of the placings. And really, I don't think potential buyers will be impressed with "World Show champion and 4-H show competitor" :p

On the flip side, don't bring horses that aren't properly conditioned and prepped to show. If your horse is flipping out because it's never been ridden in an arena or trailered, never had a western/english saddle on, and especially not cleaned up, now is not the time to enter every class.

texasnascarcowgirl said...

I am a barrel racer so the things that piss me off are different but kinda same.

1)back up horses for the back up horses. uggggg I have one horse and she does it all. Thank you very much.

2)5 yr olds on momma's "good" horse. Makes me cringe everytime I have to see "precious" stuck to a saddle with velcro.

3) rude a$$ Bee-otches who think they are the only ones who are supposed to win and give you dirty looks when you beat them!

4)excessive spurring or whipping

5)tail ringing, that is horrible to see and the rider not even caring

6)getting run over by an idot that can't stop her horse and not even get an I'm sorry

I could go on and on and on

bloo said...

very good points hnh!

I agree with the comment by fuglyfugly too. The World Champ horses in the 4-H show pen. Yeah not quite the "spirit of 4-H"

My pet peeve is the show judge who will place someone 1st in a class even though the rider/horse has the 'not so right equipment' for the class. (Don't use roping reins in a pleasure/equitation class)

Fault lies with the ring steward and gate attendant that let the horse/rider into the arena with this equipment in the first place. But the judge should be where the buck stops either way.

That's almost like the debate over placing a two-handed rider over a rider with a horse 'in the bridle' using one hand. (common issue in the 4-H arena)

Sorry, I don't do breed shows so my input is solely from 4-H Shows, Open Shows, Schooling Shows.

Andrea said...

I hate it when you go to warm up in the warm up ring and the only direction anyone knows how to go is the left. Drives me crazy!! Then when you go to ride to the right in the inside of the arena, you still have dumb people trying to run into you.

I hate being cut off.

Drives me nuts to have someone run up my horses butt.

I don't mind all the crazy horses and such. Because I think horses need to start somewhere. We always start our horses out at open shows and if a horse can survive an open show around here they can survive at a breed show.

The "know it all" type of people bother me. When you try to help someone out and they give you dirty looks and say, "I know" all snotty.

izze90 said...

I hate it when people bad mouth the judge."That judge just doesn't like me" or "I should have been placed better". I heard people say some nasty (and untrue) things about judges.It's immature.

success in the pen said...

LOL! I hate that too Izzie. HOWEVER, I think it would be acceptable to call a judge blind if he or she is placing horses that can't lock in their knees the entire class. LOL! For the most part, I respect the judge's opinion. Everyone hasa different opinion of what they like, but when they do blatant retarded things... then it's fair game. :) Now, I am not a person that will say, I hould have done better, or the judge doesn't like me. I'm pretty good at staying subjective and critiqueing my own performance. I know when I have a good run, and I know when I have a shitty run. For the most part, the judges are usually on taget. Not always... but most of the time. But hey, we can't be perfect all the time right? Judges are human too.

Jacksmom said...

Again i thought of more, on the subject of judging. sometimes i understand judges don't see things but i can't help myself.
at local shows its open breed classes, so a newer shower i brought a mare who was a well trained and shcooled horse. she had placed at nationals in HALTER. she has done well regionally but with an EXPERIENCED shower.
she was the first arab i rode, i was learning the ropes not ready to show arab so we went to the open shows.
the only judge we EVER did well under was a QH judge, she reconized the mares suppleness and training and we did well.
i would have a clean class maybe a few bobbles and people on the wrong diagonal, on the wrong lead not even near the bit would kick my ass.
i kept my head cool and learnt to deal with it, i could care less where the judge put me. it was a good class, i was happy with my mare what more could i ask for.

once i was told by a judge.
"you are riding two sets of classes"
i was riding one, there was another chestnut arab mare. didn't even look the same, she had a flaxen mane and wayy different socks.
just goes to show how much she actually watched us.

oh josh i will stop xD
i hate prejudices, unfair judging and clicky clubs. i have learnt to deal with it, and they like my tb who looks like a QH better.

little children riding the CRAP out of thier poor ponies, they ride in every class then take them around the show grounds at a canter. i get off between classes, bridal comes off and horse is offered small amounts of hay and water depeanding on break length.

people whom ride the walk trot classes but should really be cantering IE know how to canter, their horse just isn't as schooled in it. thats what a green class is for. *shakes head*

when you cannot hear classes called from stabling or at local shows from the trailor. it KILLS me, seriously speak slowley and clearly!

stoppping i promise.

ColtysHeart said...

Rude, obnoxious kids and parents! Last year at the State 4H show, my daughter was in the warm up ring working on her showmanship pattern. Several people came in and started working over her pattern and everyone else that was already practicing. One man even began lunging his horse in the middle. When we got to the line-up for the class, the steward was crying. The kids and parents had been yelling at her and being downright rude. I was so disappointed. I always teach my 4H kids about respect and sportmanship, but it was sorely lacking at State.

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

I agree, Jacksmom. I was at a show once where one of the horses was on the wrong lead an entire lap of the arena. Placed first. Ahhh. I know the judge saw.

On a similar thread to yours, people who enter wtc classes but their horse is green broke and they don't have the courtesy to request a practice canter, so instead the horse takes off/bucks/rears/whatever, making it hazardous for other people, especially when everyone else is on greenies too. One girl who did this was like, "It's only his 3rd time cantering! Lay off!" Umm...okay...couldn't have practiced at home a bit more?

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

bloo, it was especially annoying because the 4-H show was a week after the World Show, so it's not even like he was using it as practice. Grr. (Yeah, I'm still bitter, wanna fight about it? ;) )

Anonymous said...

TWO you need a Jordie :)

WhatTheHay said...

OK my daughter just started showing but here's what I've seen...

Kids who aren't taught how to safely ride in a large group. Do their trainers rely on everyone else knowing what to do to? Our instructor would not take my daughter to a show until she was comfortable riding in a group setting. Tt is obvious that a lot of these kids, by no fault of their own, simply do not know how to make safe decisions when they find themselves bunched up or forced off the rail.

Trainers who bark instructions during a class - I understand some kids need more coaching than others but I can't help feeling that if they need to be coached that much, they probably shouldn't be there. I understand that everyone has a first class at some time, but our instructor made sure my daughter was prepared BEFORE they went to the show. Any coaching that was done during the class was done as discretely as possible. At one show, a trainer carried on so much that it seemed as though she was giving a lesson. Not only was this annoying to the spectators, but it was distracting to the other participants as well. Or maybe that was the plan...

Unsportsman-like conduct - it just kills me how some of these kids throw a fit if they don't win the class, even if it's a direct result of a mistake they made! And sometimes the parents are even worse.

I've come to see just how subjective some judges are. In one pleasure class, a young girl on a very cute pony had a beautiful ride but lost to a horse that noodle-necked his way down each long rail. I couldn't figure that one out.

Give me the rest of this show season - I'm sure I'll find more to grip about ;-)

colorisnteverything said...

Okay, well I haven't shown in several years because of money, time, allergies, and being out of the country, but I'll shoot.

1. Smoking on the rail of the warmup, in the class. You want to smoke, fine. Do that away from areas where people are that don't want the smoke. I don't dislike smoke, but I have a life-threatening smoke allergy. I have almost died while competing. And my fight wasn't at breed shows, those were fine. It was 4-H that was the problem. If the rules are no smoking in the arena or within 20 feet, don't. I like indoors because you CAN'T smoke. Still, people will attempt to in my area. A lot of my friend's parents smoked and they, therefore, smoked back at the trailer or somewhere else. That's being nice and courteous.

2. No screaming from the grandstand or calling out commands in the warm-up. God this is annoying! I didn't see it as much at breed shows, but all the time at open gigs - and from people who I knew FROM breed shows. Open shows tend to be more prone because people treat them like schoolers, but here the average horse is over $10,000 - even $15,000.00 at these shows. No need to scream. A lesson in screaming before the class will only mess up Suzie.

3. Setting up showmanhip cones in the arena that no one else can use and taking up the whole dang arena. My trainer taught me to pick points to focus on and go with that. He also told me that taking up the entire ring was rude. It's usually one trainer with 4-5 kids and ammys. If you want to do that, set them up in a free area by the trailers.

4. Rudeness or feeling like you own the place. I went to a regional show once and that was big - lots of horses, lots of money, I had never shown English before and we were doing hunter under saddle and eq. I'd been taking lessons for 3-4 months and knew what I was doing, but no one knew me or my horse. Well, we kicked ass. We were gracious about it and pleasantly surprised that we did so well because my horse was known for placing in showmanship, trail, and horsemanshp - even pleasure, but not HUS. People were so rude and the next day I got cut off maliciously by 2-3 people and got most of my rides ruined.

5. FuglyFuglyFugly,

World Show horses at 4-H bothers me, too. My trainer would not be allowing his own kids to do that. He had a mare that his kids had done reining on and had been to world show, but he didn't bring her for his kids to compete on. That would be pretty rude. My friends and I - well, the majority of our area - showed breed shows, so most horses did that. However, my horse was in no way World Show quality at the time we were showing. She was a good regional horses and had produced babies that could have done that, but she, herself was not getting the coaching that we both needed. People would always buy congress horses and then they would give them to their kids to ride. SOOOO annoying.

crazyhorse said...

I show APHA...I HATE it when people park their horses on the rail and yak it up...Pretty soon it is like riding an obstacle course dodging the parked horses on the rail...
Dogs left in tack stalls who bark their fool heads off ALL NIGHT LONG!! Dogs running loose pissing on my hay bales, or piled blankets/sheets outside the stalls; I don't bring my horse to your dog us all a favor and leave the mutts at home.
NON-horse children turned loose to run rampant anywhere they please...
People who take down the posted patterns and forget not everyone got one in the show office, which is by the way, closed by now...
Judges who place their best buds' clients, cuz it sure it is obvious when they split the cone in showmanship and place over the people who did a stand-out pattern!!! Judges are one of the biggest reason I will quit showing breed shows; we are not so stupid to realize if Suzy WorldChamp did the pattern wrong, she shoulda been DQ'd and not place over those of us (the ones who checks REALLY pay for your fees) who did the patttern correctly and WELL!!

Cowgirly said...

Ohhh, this is a good one. I blogged about a schooling show recently because I came home so annoyed. A few folks thought I was complaining about this one rider's jingle bobs- the jb's weren't nearly as irritating as his completely unbroke horse running up my horse's rear and his rude attitude (I won the class and he followed me out of the ring and told me to train my horse better... the judge had asked him to remove the bobs because they were so loud and his horse was so out of control it sounded like a model t antique car falling apart behind you as he rode.

Anyhow, I second the kid thing. I hate when people don't supervise their kids- kids need to be watched at all times, that means if you show- bring a sitter (or better yet leave them home), don't let them run the grounds.

I also hate people standing in the way and talking at the entry to warm up pens, it's annoying to have to ask to go in.

I agree on the divas as well, and the ring steward stuff... great blog!