Thursday, 28 May 2009

Negligent and AbusiveTraining

Lets talk about negligent training accidents.

I was reading a thread on the pleasure horse forum. A lady stated she sent her two year-old to a trainer in Whitesboro. She called the trainer to see if she could come watch and evaluate her horse's progress. The trainer stated it wasn't a good idea. The trainer further stated the horse was "off" and needed a farrier. The lady insisted the trainer call the vet. The lady ended up calling the vet. The horse is in surgery for torn ligaments and a broken pelvis.

Come on trainers... I know horses can injure themselves. I know accidents happen. I know some horses that wig out to the slightest of pressures and flip themselves over. It can happen to anyone. My question about this particular horse and trainer is how could you ascertain the horse needed a farrier rather than a vet? Are some trainers just really that poor at evaluating the proper way of going? A broken pelvis and a hoof issue are not going to present the same issues and ways of going.

My second question would be why the hell was the owner not called when the trainer noticed the horse was off? Come on guys. Are your britches really so big that you think you are the end all be all, or do you really just think of yourselves.

Guys, this is the main reason my horses do not fall into the hands of trainers... no matter how good of a reputation the trainer has. Anymore, it seems all about the money. If you can't have compassion or run your business to where it serves the client rather than yourself, you should find another venue to pursue. Training horses isn't just about training horses. It's also about people skills. I think some trainers need to polish those up a bit.

I tell you what else... if I get one more goddamn dirty look from a hoity toity, stick up his ass trainer that lopes his horse crooked as shit down the rail as I pass them at the lope, I'm going to lope by so damn fast and smack you upside the head so you have a reason to give me a dirty look. I obviously have the same right to be at the show as you do. I obviously paid my dues and my horse is winning so get over yourself. I'm tired of you pretentious bastards. You put on your pants the same way I do. Only difference is I look better in my jeans.

Sorry for that end rant, but it was on my mind and it really bugs be. Not all trainers are pretentious bastards. Just one guy in particular.


colorisnteverything said...

You go, Heidi! Crooked loping is such crazyness. We had a girl in the local 4-H (she was about 6 years older than me, so I was little when she competed) and she always went to Congress every year with her gelding. All year, my mother watched her horse and wondered what was wrong with him. He loped to the side (we were just getting started in the pleasure horse game) and none of my family members could explain it. My mother finally asked the trainer.

"He's just been broken to go like that by some asshole," my trainer replied. "And by broken, I mean BROKEN."

So, my trainer, a whiskey, drinking, gun toting man never one for subtlety tells us some stories about this girls trainer. Meanwhile, my friend (also new to the game, but with parents who had a lot of money and wanted RESULTS) sends her 7 year old mare off to this lady. The mare was a natural little loper and the trainer didn't like that.

They decided to go out and rider at the trainer's farm once. Her grandma planned the visit on purpose because she had always owned horses and didn't trust this trainer. They found the horse in the arena with her head tied between her legs, floundering about.

The next year, the older girl comes back to show. My friends horse is in training with someone else (they pulled her out IMMEDIATELY). The older girl is still with the dipshit BNT, but new horse.

I went to a paint show and did gossiping, asking the girls that also showed AQHA with double registered horses about J's new horse. They told me she had been at a local $$$ show, horse freaked out loping sideways at the bleachers, flipped over the arena fence, and landed on the bleachers.

Apparently, the horse was no longer able to be ridden and no one knows what happened to him still to this day, but after a consultation with my trainer, we both think he ended up on a plate in France.

So, you go on, kick ass and don't let them tell you any different, girl! You and others like you are the good in the circuit that I couldn't find anymore when I was finishing up my 14-18 career. It's why I quit. Only shitheads.

CKayser said...

I hear you Hot! Seems its harder and harder to fine good solid trustworthy trainers. I personally have been very lucky but know many who hasve not been so.
Part of the problem is owners who want instant gratifacation or who don't know enough to ask.

When I sent Oliver to training I went to see him 2-3 times a week. I watch the trainer working with him, asked question, sometimes very stupid ones. But I wanted to know what was happening with my horse. She was wonderful. Im so glad she bought it from me.

Dont you wish a horse could fill out a comments card on their trainers lol. Sure would help a lot I think,

Dena said...

Congratulations on the BIG WIN!!!

And shame on you for putting the picture in my head of the ride by slapping in the pleasure class.
I am very suceptible to peer pressure.
And I don't think success in the pen made me do it will get me out of that kind of trouble.

Did I mention that our broken pelvis rescue came from "A Multiple World Champion" trainer.
Through the back door.
And behind the barn.
But FCS it's time these yahoos took a hit for their bullshit.

kestrel said...

Dear Lord! MISSed a little ole' thing like a broken pelvis!!????
That's why I quit training professionally years ago. The few horses I work with now have to prove that the horse comes with a trainable human...
And sadly, there are a lot of untrainable humans. Don't try to tell them they'll actually have to work at learning to ride. They expect an RV.
There's a BNT in this area that can ruin a horse on such a gut broke, soul deep level that it takes years to get them back, and sometimes it can't be done. But he wins. Why? Why are judges so ignorant of abusive training? It's not like you can't spot it a mile away. The blank trauma stare. The flinch. The blowups. The bizarre gaits. Spur and whip scars. Hell.
A friend of mine is a judge, and a good one. She refuses to play the politic game and calls them like she see them. She judges local shows and we love her, but can't find the same level of judging at higher levels. And I'm not being a sore loser, I've actually been a surprised winner at times! (Looking at judge, thinking you MISSED the fact that this horse tried to jump out of the me kicking him in the nose to turn him? And bucking at every canter stride?!)

Alyson said...

The prettiest horses move in a straight line. It's just lazy to push their hips in the whole way around, and you pull them off their lead leg so they stub that toe in the dirt. It's one thing to disengage the hip a bit if they pick up speed going down the long wall, but sheesh, you get back straight again once the fix is made.

Timid Wild One said...

The crooked lope is my #1 pet peeve. It just smacks of lazy, lazy training to me. I understand the basis behind it, but if the horse isn't transitioned to lope properly (read: straight ahead), it's the ugliest picture ever. Blech!

Yankecwgrl said...

Wow, just stumbled into your blog via about 2 others and I LOVE IT!

You had me at the "if I get one more goddamn dirty look from a hoity toity, stick up his ass trainer that lopes his horse crooked as shit down the rail as I pass them at the lope," PART!!
WHAT the heck is up with that? Do they think that is 'normal' and how a horse is supposed to move? Your horse should lope straight down the rail, not at an angle. Sorry you have to tilt your horse to the rail to make them lope off!

And you didn't even touch on the peanut pusher nose on the ground 'winning' horse. Or the 'troping' horse. The lope or canter is a 3 beat gait people, THREE!!! and people wonder why the horse show world is declining.

You could fill this blog with stuff, and I'm sure you have I just haven't found it all yet!

Blog on girl, blog on! You've gotten another follower!