Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sex, lies and bad checks!

Все, что я могу сказать, - daaaaaaamn, и о хватать! Я буду держать мои мнения мне непосредственно пока, потому что я не имею всех фактов, но...

Любой хочет нанять ставки, как долго будет требоваться Духота, чтобы изменить ее телефонный номер теперь, когда все кончено Интернет?

Интересно, есть ли действительно картины? Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Есть картины и ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Я ожидал бы фотографии как этот от подростков, но вернулся бы к реальности.

Интересно, какова сторона Духоты? Царапайте это. Я читал комментарии к Horsedopia. Таким образом она ненавидит ее немного больше, и немного больше каждый раз она должна была помочь ей. Она действительно спала с нею существенный другой, и она передала фальшивые чеки, чтобы помочь ей с ее лошадями. Это - сорт A, более святой чем Вы, королева спасательного материала тут же. Ждите, я забыл, все остальные делают плохие вещи, но не Вас. Поскольку мимолетные фальшивые чеки не преступление. (Рулон глаза вставки здесь).

Конечно это - весь слух ... все же, это прибыло непосредственно от того, что напечатали эти две вовлеченные стороны. Мое мнение?
 Y'all нуждаются в профессиональной помощи. Позвольте мне предлагать Вам мои услуги в психотерапии.

Я воздержусь от цензурирования комментариев. Однако, если они будут слишком унесены (и это возьмет много), то я подвергну цензуре их. Пожалуйста имейте доказательство перед созданием любых серьезных утверждений.


Dena said...

The pictures were eeeewwww eeewwww eeeewwwwww...

Think cutback saddle left in the rain til it rolled back on itself.

some time back fugs had a geocities account with a photo file and it was labeled why men cheat.
Because they don't see well I am guessing.

I do not waste my time presenting allegations as fact.
I research them for fact.

If you had experience with YHI you would know she just isn't the type of person to make this kind of crap up.

I am done with the boards on this.
I have said my piece on it.

I have quite enough to run Ms. Thang out of reputable rescue and keep her very busy explaining herself to a few governmental agencies.
I don't think her new best friend will be able to help her much.
As she will have some explaining to do to.
People just aren't always responsible in their horse care or in who they promote with regard to horse care.

You want a copy of my clean bill of mental health for your paper?

Sorry about your loss. Loved the prayer.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...


Dang it-does this mean I will actually have to go read fugly to find out what is going on? Uggghhh-I avoid that place like the plague.

Isn't Yellow Horses Inc, where the VLC came from?

Anonymous said...

Ditto BrownEyed, can someone paraphrase the issue for us non-readers? And maybe even some links to whatever photos...?

PaintHoss said...

I tried to find what this was about, but couldn't find anything. Now I'm really curious to know what this is about...

success in the pen said...

If you go to the free speech horse forum, on the non-horse related side, there is a thread entitled hysterical message board drama... or something to that effect. In that thread Hunter Princess has taken a direct quote of the post yellowhorsesinc made about Cathy. (it was originally posted on COTH. I have the original post screen capped, but I am not going to post it. Like I said, I don't have both sides to the story so I can't pass judgment. I just think all this shit is crazy.

Puh-leeze said...

I don't feel qualified to pass judgment. If I were in Shelly's shoes, would I be totally and completely pissed? Yes. But I don't know the other side of the story yet, and I'm betting I never will.

Dena said...

I do not remember the exact address to the geo cities.

It would be easiest to go back on fwotd and see where I made reference to it.

There was some debate about it.
Reference which thread in relation to which thread on fhotd and go back and find it there.
I was not the one who originally posted the address.
But it is geocities/catkin/whymencheat something or another.
I also have a laundry list of the items fugs stole from her friend.
Show halters, Chavez bridles, Tietjen bit, saddle, video cameras, etc..

PaintHoss said...

Holy crap! 8O I second the 'oh snap!'

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Wow-I read dontridenofuglyhorse's comment on FWOTD.

Yikes! Well, DRNFH has made reference a couple of times to her and fugly having a falling out, but I sorta thought it was about the horse deals they had made.

Sure didn't see that one coming.

(hanging head)-I also went over to fugly and read the comments. Why doesn't it surprise me that all of the sudden the regulars were desperately wanting to stay on topic. They can rake Dena over the coals for her personal...and, but they aren't interested in what fugly does in hers?

What an unfortunate and ugly situation. And I'll bet Cathy skates away unscathed. Those kind of people usually do.:(

Dena said...

I checked that out on the free speech board.
Saw where buckdoff had given evil Dena and her alters the credit for this.
I have one word for Buckdoff "kapparot".

As Cathy and Shelly are currently duking it out on HD I guess that means it wasn't me.

I feel like the villiage witch sometimes. Anybodies milk cow dry up? Blame it on me.
Anybody see the devil at midnight? Blame it on me.
Your chicken is crossed eyed? Well buckdoff if you would stop swinging it around I think she would be okay.

Cathy's crying in her soup because the man always goes back to YHI.
Yeah...I feel so sorry for her. I guess no one ever told fugs that in the end cheaters never win.

success in the pen said...

What is the title of the thread on Horsedopia where they are duking it out?

Dena said...

Where Oh Where Is FHOTD? aka Cat67

success in the pen said...

I found it. Classy thread huh?

success in the pen said...

So it seems Fugs has stated her side. In a nutshell, and I'm paraphrasing, she slept with yellowhorsesinc's significant other, because after everything Cathy and Shelly had been through, Cathy hated her more and more... so she just didn't care. WOW! Cold heartless bitch much? By the way, I loved the bit where she stated she passed bad checks to help Shelly care for all her horses.

Here's a novel question. If Shelly couldn't pay for her horses, and you had to pass bad checks to help her pay for her horses, wouldn't that mean you didn't have the funds to care for those horses either? Here's an idea, how about both of you downsize your herds. I know Shelly has downsized in the past.

And for Fugs, telling people online that you had to pass bad checks to help someone care for their horses... maybe you should rethink your line of rescue work. I realize you were doing it for the horses, but it just makes you seem less credible as a rescuer. And by the way... passing bad checks is a crime. What a clusterfuck.

colorisnteverything said...

Whoa. That's all I can say. Whoa.

Anonymous said...

From either side of it- why would either of them keep him around?

success in the pen said...

I don't know. Maybe he has a huge dick and monster sized balls. Or, maybe it's for the money. Who knows. I just think it's ridiculously stupid that either of them would put this on the internet... and one has the balls to say... I passed bad checks but I'm still not as bad a person as you. Ha!

I especially think it's ridiculous that people are saying "you shouldn't talk about this". Why the hell not? I'm not the one who posted it for all to see in the first place. If you were dumb enough to make the posts, you are big enough for people to question your integrity. Suck it up.

jordie0587 said...


I've kinda kept out of it... ok, except talking about it on the phone with you lol.. but OMG she actually ADMITTED that she's a slutty bitch? Wow. "Yeah, I slept with him because I hate you... " WOW Class act right?

success in the pen said...

LOL! Yupper skipper. Pretty sick huh?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I looked and looked, but all the threads were *poofed* before I got to them.
I hope you screen capped the ones where Cathy said she wrote bad checks to feed the horses.

Oi Veihhhhh!

I think the only reason Cathy wants this guy is to piss off her "ex" friend. I have never doubted for a minute she was the type to be a vindictive bitch.

The problem is, that most of the people who worship her brand of "knowledge" are not going to care. But maybe other platforms will.

success in the pen said...

What I think is funny is that some people on her blog think there is no relevance. I think there is. When you ask people to donate money... and pass bad checks to feed horses... hmmmm just doesn't sound too kosher to me. Here's a concept. Don't offer to help if you can't afford it. As Bill Engvall would say "Here's Your Sign".

I don't care who she sleeps with. I just wonder why she couldn't go find her own man.

Dena said...

well success in the pen as she called YHI a backyard breeder you might be interested to know that fugs is living with/off yet another breeder.
yep...paint horses. right up your alley I am thinking.
Bred everything last year. And bred it back this year.
And her friends keep their breeders there too. And Cathy claiming to pick stalls twice a day?
Not from the pictures I saw.
And she has way more horses than she admits to fugs does.
you know it would only take about 20 people to consistently run out the comments and make her wish to take out the comment feature.

Anonymous said...

if anyone wants a c/p of the horsedopia threads, email

feel free to post the email elsewhere, but if it gets spammed to bad, ill stop sending them.

Anonymous said...

So this is what the comments are all about then? Got to read between the lines.

I'm not on anyones side with this fight.

To dontyouride if you hate Cathy that much why post on her blog from the beginning ?Why post on the other blogs as well where she posts?Wouldn't you be avoiding her if you hated her that much?
Dena comes off looking less crazy then all those who posted on that
Why Women Hate Men blog.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add I read Fugly Horse when it was just about conformation to learn how to judge horse so I could see what the judges looked at in halter.
The blog used to be good back then before it started on rescues and videos from youtube.
I actually learned something
about horses back then.
I was sad to see the blog change its tone later on.
Maybe someone more qualified could set up a new blog on horse conformation?

success in the pen said...

I have quite a few posts on conformation if you care to go back thrgh the archives. I have gone in depth with my confo discussions.

It cracks me up every time someone says they learned confo from Fugly. While she's decent... she doesn't know much. I'll let you make the decision for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit I learned a few things from her blog ,I'll give your blog a read over .
I was trying to find out about good leg conformation,when I first came across her blog.
I often wonder what it is judges are supposed to be awarding?

success in the pen said...

When you enter a halter class (stock horses) the judges look for balance, symmetry, type, and muscling... before really taking a good gander at the horse's legs.

Here's a perfect example. My palomino halter mare has almost an perfectly ideal hip and hock as well as a great, straight set of front legs. Her pastern angles are wonderful and her feet are a size 2... pretty big for a halter horse these days. However, her chest isn't as wide as it culd be, she lacks some muscling in the forearm, and she doesn't have that nice board back. Her body screams halter but when looking at her from a stock horse halter perspective, one sees... a damn nice working horse. Her head... well, it's just not typey. It looks like it should be on a gelding. Now don't get me wrong, she has her fair share of grand and reserves, but when up against a mare with a better back, a huge shoulder, a longer neck, bigger hip, and a prettier head, that mare is going to win, even if she is extremely posty behind.

I am a leg girl myself, first and foremost. Which is why my halter horses tend to look like they can work rather than just stand there in a pen. If you like, I can do a confo post with emphasis on angles and legs for you. Would this help you? Did I at least get one of your questions answered?

Anonymous said...

Yes you did answer one of my questions.Something thats puzzled me for quite some time on judging.
I've always thought overall conformation should be the way a judge would go by ,guess I'm wrong on that.

Anonymous said...

I've got one question though on topic about Fugly ,how can she afford to own horses and travel?

Blog sites can't be making that much money .Can they?

success in the pen said...

I have no idea. I find her antics amusing... nothing more. I write my blog for enjoyment. I don't make money for it.

And yes, conformation SHOULD be on the overall picture. Sadly, the stock horse industry has deviated away from that belief. It all comes down to form to function. However, that doesn't mean we can't try to change it one horse at a time. Some judges love my mare, some won't even look at her. Them's the breaks I guess. I know what I have and she's an asset to the industry, no matter what some of the halter judges think. I'll choose a smaller chest and a little less muscled over crooked ass legs anyday.

Anonymous said...

I was the anon posting asking why either of them kept the guy around.

From either side- huge schlong or matching bank account- either way he's a lying, no good, cheating piece of sewage floating scum. Friend, foe or otherwise, his ass wouldn't last long around here, were it me and I had found out... He wouldn't have time or the need to pack as he was escorted out or told just not to show up.

I would figure they could have each other as it would be well deserved punishment for both of them. It usually has a way of working out like that.

Funny- the word verification is
"culty". I guess you could laugh at that from a couple of different angles.

bhm said...

Dena turned me into a newt. Witch!!! I swear, I'm really a newt and I'm typing this with my little newt hands.

rosesr4evr said...

That's funny BHM!! Be careful though, around here when we call someone a NEWT it's an acronym for North End White Trash! LOL Not implying you are or anything just sharing what newt stands for in my neck of the woods.

rosesr4evr said...

Hey did you know that Wicked Witch Dena turned me into a blubbering parroting ass kisser, with no mind of my own?? Damn her! I say we burn her at the stake, oh wait a minute, that's already been done over at FHOTD, lots of times.

bhm said...

Help, Dena turned me into North End White Trash., wait, I did that myself...never mind.

bhm said...

I'm trying to copy and paste the Shelly vs. Fugly argument, but this blog doesn't allow me to post it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with the problem.

Anonymous said...

Just read the comments in Fugly Horse today.

Giving info about a ranch that doesn't belong to Cathy .And calling it a byb and krazy kolor breeder?
Isn't that doing the same thing Cathy does on her blog? Potmeetkettle.
This does not help in anyway.
Cathy owns the stallion the Big
Yellow Caddi and he doesn't appear on their stallion page at all.

Using Fuglies style to out her is
just as much becoming something you hate .

I think I'll remain anonymous
because I tried doing the google account sign in and I have just no patience to come up with a screen name.

success in the pen said...

Anon, what are you talking about?

Dena said...

Actually Anon that is incorrect. Cathy and 2 other women rent a property together.
And I certainly never used the words Krazy Kolor Breeders.
I presented some information that goes a long ways towards showing fugly for the complete hypocrite that she is.
Neither did I randomly pluck her out of the woodpile.
She is no innocent in any of this.
And had I used her style there would have been a whole lot more proveable information provided that had nothing to do with horses.
And lies presented as the truth no matter who it hurt.
And a great deal more creative use of the English language in my reference to her.

Anonymous said...

If Cathy was passing bad checks and YellowHorsesInc knew it? Then why didn't they report the bad checks earlier?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I see it back then??

Off Your Rocker Ranch was where she was boarding at.

I had read the Very Large Colt blog in the June 2008 posts and Cathy has pictures up and mentions her room mates Josie and Stephanie.No hiding that fact there. Cathy was upfront about that with having room mates.

The pinto gelding for sale on Off
Your Rocker Ranch is the same one Cathy is shown riding on her blog the Very Large Colt.

Very Large Colt blog hasn't been updated yet.

bhm said...

It sounds like YHI found out about the bad checks after the fact.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The Freedom Of Speech board
has the whole Shelly vs Cathy thing starting up again in a thread on the off topic area.

Anybody think this is a hoax?

kestrel said...

wow, the things I miss! Gotta go look around...been too busy to check my favorite blogs for a while and missed the fin. Dang...