Wednesday, 15 July 2009

In Loving Memory!

R.I.P Tristan Slater Proposed (AKA Slater)

I really wish I didn't have to make this post and I'm really not up to going through all the details so I'll keep it short and sweet. My thoughts and prayers are with you Darla. Rest assured he's in a wonderful place and we did all we could.

We'll Miss You Slater! We tried to save you but it all just happened so fast. We will always remember the way you effortlessly made those flying lead changes in the pasture and the cute way you played hide and seek with us around the out shed. You will be greatly missed. You were such a brave little trooper today. We love you!

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,We'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye,
You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.
Our heart's still active in sadness, and secret tears still flow;
What it meant to lose you no one can ever know.
But now we know you want us to mourn for you no more,
To remember all the happy times; life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten, we pledge to you today:
A hallowed place within our hearts is where you'll always stay


colorisnteverything said...

I am very sorry for your loss.

~*~Lysh~*~ said...

I am so very sorry for your loss.

PaintHoss said...

Awww... :( I was hoping he'd pull through. -hugs-