Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Man That Should Be Named Horseman of the Year!

As most of you know there are not many trainers (or judges) that I highly respect. To be quite frank, many of them are pompous and some even down right unethical. But I also know that there are great trainers and judges out there. Today I had the pleasure of working with one such man: Rod Cavinder.

What do I look for in a horseman? A gentle touch, patience, knowledge, and a will to go against the grain of the fads and do right by the horse. A person who, when they train a western pleasure horse, keeps that horse happy, attentive, and not over-canted down the rail. A person that can not only teach, but will also listen. A person that is willing to explain things in detail, and does not think so highly of him/herself to talk down to another when a person asks a question that could be perceived as simple, or dumb. A person who is willing to work with another to bring out the best in the client. Professionalism, a good sense of humor, and most of all, a down to earth person. Some of you may be thinking that judge or trainer does not exist; or at least a judge or trainer that exhibits ALL the aforementioned qualities. I can tell you now. You're wrong. Mr. Cavinder is that trainer/judge.

I have shown under Mr. Cavinder twice and done well, but I never had the chance to actually meet the man until today. It takes an awful lot to truly impress me and make me believe that you have a way with horses and people. Today, Rod Cavinder showed me what a truly great horseman and professional he was. I'll say it now. I was MORE than impressed.

He is a man that holds nothing back and speaks the truth. He does not blow smoke up your ass. (This was his first brownie point he earned from me). But he didn't sop there. This man took the time to show me what can separate the wheat from the chaff in showmanship and halter. He told me what he looks for for each discipline, how to achieve it, and some other little tips and tricks which I think I may just keep to myself!!! (After all, I paid for those tips so I think I'll remain stingy with them! LOL!)

He has a way with horses and with people. A truly great man and horseman. It was a great relief to have the opportunity to work with a person so down to earth. He makes you feel as if even if you make a mistake he is not going to crucify you or the horse.

At any rate, I know I didn't give a whole lot of info on what we did today, but I did want to share my experience and let others know that this is truly a great judge/trainer whom deserves truckloads of respect, recognition, and I think he should be our next candidate for Horseman of the Year. Thank you Rod Cavinder!


Ckayser said...

Sounds like you had a ton of fun meeting him. I love it when I get to learn for someone like that. lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Great Article. Please share your tips!!! Please don't be stingy!!! LOL I could use all the help I can get...