Thursday, 30 April 2009

What a Mess!

I am so sick of this damn rain. It rains for a day, then dries out just a little bit; then rains again, then dries up for a day; then rains again, then dries up. Grrrrr! The round pen and outdoor arena are too muddy to work horses. It's too muddy for Gertie to go outside, but she has to be worked. So we are confined to the indoor arena, which is about as wide as the roundpen except the first 3 feet of the edges are muddy, which cuts off 6 feet and makes for some smaller circles. However, at least there is a little bit of dry space where I can work, and it keeps us dry, and there is a nice breeze and good footing. So I guess I can't bitch about the rain too much! But I want to get out and ride. I also want the outdoor arena to dry out enough to where I can set up my elaborate patterns and get to work.

We are going to the Memorial Day Spectacular in Waco the 23rd and 24th of May, and I really need to tune her showmanship up before I go to this show. Don't get me wrong, she's not rusty on her maneuvers (we've won all our showmanship classes this year so far, including the Fort Worth Stock Show), but for a six judge show, we need to be perfect.

The main thing we need to work on is a trotting circle to the right. She's great to the left, but to the right I need to get her head just a little lower so my short ass can see over the top of her neck and see where I'm going. It sucks being short sometimes. Our session yesterday was pretty damn good. We worked our circle to the right for about 4 minutes in the war bridle then went to a regular halter and voila! Perfect circles to the right.

So let's hope the weather clears up here soon so I can do some real practice work. Anyone else having crappy weather?


spazfilly said...

Yep, crappy weather here too...but that's because I'm only three hours away from you! I haven't been out to the barn all week because I know it's a muddy disaster. Even our indoor tends to get pretty nasty when it's been this rainy out. Bleh.

Toni said...

I am south of tulsa, ok and they are saying rain till next wednesday!!! I hate it. But we do need some for the grass to grow. It just means that now we are going to have a dry summer....

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Not great in SD either. It snowed, it rained and now the sun is shining and wind is blowing 100MH.

People always say we cannot complain about the moisture...any moisture, in this part of the country. I'm trying not too...but enough already, is a week of decent weather too much to ask for?

Anonymous said...

Crap in NJ. Crap crap crap.

Good luck at the show!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was ok today...but it POURED here in Ohio the other day...enough to wash out quite a few back roads..including ours. It was a mess. And it figures, we had just had our yard redone and put grass seed and straw down, and it's been totally washed away. So much for that!
Apparently there was a tornado touchdown in Columbus...must not have been too bad because I haven't heard of any severe destruction, but that's still pretty rare for springtime.

It dried out surprisingly fast though. Some areas are still pretty muddy, but our pasture was a total mud pit yesterday, and it's pretty much dry today. And it hasn't even been that warm...but I'm not complaining!