Thursday, 23 April 2009

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

"My research skills are great! This is an opinion blog! This bastard and that bastard should be beheaded!!!"

And all I have to say to that is "shut the fuck up already." Why is it so difficult for people to research things and learn BOTH sides of the story BEFORE spreading rumors, calling names, and getting a bunch of blood sucking, pitch fork-carrying people riled up? You know what's even better? When people jump on a bandwagon and start talking about how this person or that person should not be allowed to live, should spend the rest of his life in jail.... and many times the whole situation is not as big a deal as they make it out to be.

You want an example you say? How about the polo pony incident... If I had a dollar for every time someone said "IT"S STEROIDS" I'd be a rich bitch! Seriously, until you get your facts straight, please refrain from making opinions and nasty statements about something you clearly are not qualified to judge.

And one other thing on a totally unrelated topic... do many of you really think halter horses are beefed up entirely on steroids? I admit, some are; but many are not. If you think they are all roided up... it's just another classic example of the need to conduct more research in order to develop a more educated opinion.


CCH said...

It is definitely easy to jump to conclusions. The better person should admit that's what they did and retract what they said, but rarely does that occur. Its often countered by calling someone a liar.

As for the polo ponies, just sad. I can't imagine what specially compounded vitamin stuff you would inject so close to hauling/showing, but I guess I'm not in that part of the horse world.

success in the pen said...

It's not just jumping to conclusions. It's a lack of research. Some writers don't understand just how much power and influence they can have on a group of readers. Some do. To retain credibility, one must be able to admit to his mistakes; and you are right, it rarely happens. It just amazes me the sheer number of folks who will blindly jump on the bandwagon. What has the U.S education system come to if it isn't teaching students to research? An honest mistake is an honest mistake. But a blatant, harsh and accusatory opinion is another thing.

I read a few blogs every now and then, and on some of them the comments sections are filled with a blatent lack of knowledge. It reminds me of the blind leading the blind.

Anonymous said...

Shes a Tard. Getting on the short bus to NE.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and unfortunately this is the way media had twisted "expository, analytical writing", Sorry to lazy to create a screen name at work:) Relly enjoy your blog though:)

Dena said...

To all of it actually. I have seen many built to the hilt QHs.
On farms where they couldn't spell steroids let alone administer them.
The research thing has me ready to scream or cry.
Somedays I do not know which.
How can you love or support something anything without wanting to know as much as you possibly can about it?
I have a question. Do you know the Wackers? People. Not knackers.

success in the pen said...

I do not know the Wackers.

However, I am currently laughing my ass off about your "couldn't spell steroids let alone administer them" comment. I know a few people like that.

Anonymous said...

I did a searched for any article relating to the polo ponies and came across an article that interviewed those in Argentina who specialize in polo horses. Part of the article:
"The strange thing is that, be they vitamins or whatever, they were given to them before the game, when the normal thing would be to do that afterwards, for recovery," said former polo star Horacio Heguy."
Just thought that was intresting info to ponder.

Veterinarian Maximo Aguirre Paz, who specializes in polo horses, warned that "it is not normal that more than 20 horses fall in a sequence.

"It is clear that a toxin has been inadvertently introduced into the horses' systems through a supplement or a vitamin," he noted.