Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Halter and Tail for Sale

Rather than putting up ads on ebay... which I hate, I thought I would post some things I have for sale here.

I have a 2lb APHA/AQHA legal regular sorrel with flaxen tail. My pictures suck because I took them inside (out of natural light). The tail is best described as sorrel with some flaxen and black hairs mixed in. It is a natural hide with 8 grommetts. I bought it brand new for Gertie two years ago from Sergeants. I paid $375 for this tail and when I held it up next to Gertie it was just "too dark." She has a flaxen/sorrel tail which gets progressively lighter in color every freaking year. Needess to say, the tail didn't match, and Sergeant's had a no return policy on tails. So I was out $375 for a tail that didn't match. It has never been on a horse and has been kept in a tail bag in my closet for the past two years. It's clean and has a tapered (not blunt) cut. I am asking $100. (Which is cheap for this kind of tail). It is roughly 46 inches long. This same tail retails at for $175.00 for a 1lb natural hide. This is a 2lb, you do the math. Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate box for $4.95. I do accept paypal. Email me at if you would like to purchase this tail.

Next I have a Dale Chavez Congress cut mare halter which I also purchased from Sergeant's 2 years ago. I have used the halter twice. Each time at the World Show. It still fits Gertie, but is a little snug around the bridge of the nose. I paid $550 for it new. It has been kept in a bridle bag. It has nice silver (not the cheap shit that flakes off when you polish it), gold scroll type work on the outer edges of the silver, and small inset rubies. I'm asking $275. Dale Chavez halters come in sizes full, mare, yearling, and weanling. This is a mare halter and will be a bit smaller than a "full" halter. I can take measurements before you buy.


spazfilly said...

Hey, I want to try the mare halter on my filly! I had PM'ed you on the message board about it. Email me at audissius at gmail dot com and I will take some measurements of my filly tonight to see if you think it would fit.

success in the pen said...

Will do chicky. I just got the halter back from Jeannie today. How old is your filly? If she is 2 or younger I can tell you the halter will fit. It still fits Gert... just very snug. If your filly is very feminine headed, it should fit fine.

spazfilly said...

Yes, she's turning 2 this week and has a very small head. I have her in an arab sized bridle, and it was so small I had to punch extra holes in the cheekpieces. I'll try to measure her tonight. Also, I'm in Austin, so the halter won't have to travel far. :)