Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Nosy Nelly

There is a saying that "if you minded your own business you'd stay busy all the time". I am no doubt, a busy person, but I have a tendency to want to be even busier. Many of you know that I follow several horse related blogs but rarely comment. After reading my daily dose of "blog drama" today, I came up with several questions I wanted to ask of my fellow bloggers.

Wenchster- I read your blog daily. While I don't always agree with everything spot on, you have a great writing style, sense of humor, and valid points. Here is my question. You know how the trolls always come over and say "she's just pissed that she was featured on FHOTD and she created this blog in retaliation"? I don't think you created the blog out retaliation for being featured as I highly doubt you were featured. Just being a nosy nelly here and wanting the skinny on what inspired you to create the blog, other than the stuff you have already mentioned. Oh, and where abouts in Texas are you located? Do you happen to be near the DFW metroplex because if you are we may have some trail riding to do.

Fugly-With all the controversy on the VLC keeping his testicles... I want to know why you think he's worthy. Would you be interested in possibly elaborating on the conformational points that you believe to be exceptional. Do you see any faults in confo? How about movement? Do you see his stride as balanced and cadenced? Does he have incredible extension? You've elaborated quite a bit about his disposition but I would like to know where you feel he is exceptional and where you feel he is lacking.

So everybody. What questions do you have that you would like to know the answers to?
And... as for the second segment of showmanship... it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. I got sidetracked with a Psych paper tonight.


may said...

You win the internets!

Anonymous said...

Testing this out just for you =]

Numfd said...

Anal bum cover!

roanhorse said...

The VLC simply isn't stallion quality. Lacks good conformational qualities, his length of back, his hip and lack of carry down into his gaskins. Too many great horses showing performance horse halter classes that are correctly put together. In my book he doesn't stand a chance. I sincerely doubt Ms. Cathy has a clue when it comes to fitting up ANY show horse. She hasn't a bona fide candidate to begin with. Making the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear...ain't gonna happen. Just my two cents;

success in the pen said...

Oh believe me roan... I have a very strong opinion about the VLC. I know what *I* see, I just want to know what *she* sees. You have to be able to recognize your horse's weaknesses and strengths before you give him a job. For example, my mare at the top, I know where her confo is lacking and I know where it is good. I tailor my program around her so that I can avoid the issues that her confo *may* predispose her to. She gets worked enough to keep her fit and learning, but not so much that she breaks down. It's been my experience that some people can't recognize the faults in their own horses, give them a job, don't take precautions, and go... WTF? Why is my horse lame now? I'm not saying Fugs doesn't know his faults... I've just never seen her address them.

Banner said...

Hasn't the Wenchster already said why she started her blog? To call out Cathy's hypocrisy, pure and simple. The woman (Cathy) has a god-complex and it was time to bring her down a notch and make her think a little harder about what she was putting out there on her blog. It has nothing to do with being jealous or called out or whatever the "trolls" want to say. She did it for the same reasons that the rest of us enjoy reading her's nice to see a little bit of that "media watchdog" mentality keep Cathy in check.

As for Cathy and the VLC...good luck getting her to ever admit any fault. She won't even publicly post any conformation photos of him. I'm sure she KNOWS there's issues but she won't admit them to the world. That's admitting weakness and we all know that's just not in her nature.