Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Next To Ignition

We all know that selling horses right now is harder than trying to suck start a harley. Some sellers are so hard up right now (especially the men) that if you showed them your boobs and bought them a twelve pack you could probably end up with two or three really nice horses.

Today's seller is in fact a woman and no, she is not that hard up. However, she asked me if I would pass the word around on this little guy.

Next To Ignition is a 2008 Bay/Overo stallion by Taylored In Tin and out of Skip N To Savannah. Yes in this photo he is 1) hairy as a wildebeest and 2) has a a couple of dirt spots on his belly. But in defense, Ohio is colder than a witch's tit right now so the weather is not really conducive to bathing and getting rid of those stains.

The colt is, however, paid into the Kentucky Incentive Fund. So, for every point you earn, you get money back. All the paperwork is done, all the fees are paid, and he is ready to go. He has had all the basics done with him. I bought my mare from this same seller 4 years ago so if she says he does all these things, he does all of them and more. (Insert shameless plug for my mare here. I have been very successful with her).

If you are in the market for a nice prospect and don't want to have to deal with crazy ass sellers shoot Sandy an email and she would be more than happy to answer questions. Unless of course you email asking if he's safe for kids on the trail. This colt is located in Chillicothe, Ohio. The seller can be reached at


Anonymous said...

I wish I would have found this earlier when I was searching for a colt! Darn you. *wags finger at!!!*

success in the pen said...

DIJ... I have several horses that I will be posting for friends of mine. Keep your eyes peeled. There are going to be some great deals.