Thursday, 19 February 2009

Did anyone get the license plate number...

Of that bus that Cleve Wells threw his employees under? I have been following this case from the beginning and while I do not believe in a trial online, I do believe in hard evidence.

At this point, I don't care who is right and who is wrong; what I do care about is a horse that received terrible injuries while under your care, custody and control. While you say that you have done everything you could to rectify this situation... I, and many others are still waiting to see a formal public apology to the owners of Slow Lopin Scotch. I feel that it would at least be a step in the right direction of acting like a professional.

I couldn't care less if a purple-headed crack whore dressed like Madonna sneaked into the barn late at night and caused this horse's injuries. The fact remains the horse was standing in your barn with these injuries that were undoubtedly caused by someone (more than likely the crew that got flattened by that slow moving bus), and even in your "statement" NO apology was given.

Mr. Wells, the public may not know exactly who caused this, but we do know the steps that a Professional Horseman should take to rectify the situation. Sadly, one of those steps has been left out. I am by no means pointing an accusatory finger that you caused these injuries, but the horse was on your property and in my opinion, I feel the least the owners deserve is a public apology, whether you feel that you are right or wrong. Sometimes, to be an upstanding professional we have to take responsibility for the actions of others. And while you have so bluntly pointed the finger at someone else; you have yet to apologize.

This is merely my opinion on the matter. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not alone in my opinion.


alphytha said...

Totally agree, Hotter. Well said.

roanhorse said...

I do agree with your statements....another thing puzzles me; obviously the horse didn't enjoy enjoy his job and caught nine kinds of hell because he either couldn't lope in the manner requested or he hurt too badly to do so. Now, if a horse doesn't enjoy his job, wouldn't you, as an owner or trainer, find something else for him to do??? Blind stupidity to spur the hell out of this horse when he either "doesn't get it" or can't do it...lope circles under the shade of a tree all day long. Just pure bullshit.

Had heard earlier rumors a couple of years ago about Mr. Wells antics and how tough he is on this episode wasn't a complete surprize. He needs to apologize, pay a major fine and be suspended from showing AQHA for a bunch of years. It would really hurt him if all points accrued by horses at his barn and under his care had their points jerked....sounds pretty extreme but it happens with the AQHA.

Catch a trainer doing something illegal at a show,i.e., drugs, unsportsmanlike conduct or other illegal activity and any points accrued by him on his clients horses will be taken away.

I don't feel sorry for the owners of these horses as they sure as hell need to know what the hell is going on in his sit on their thumbs and do nothing is condoning Well's behavior.

Anonymous said...

I agree with roanhorse--wouldn't that be great if the horses he so roughly trains got their points yanked? It's not fair when people are out there training their horse's correctly and he's bopping them in the face and spurring their sides--or training his assistants to do it for him--and he wins.
I really hope the AQHA suspends him for good--we have enough of these rough cowboy trainers, we could use one less.

success in the pen said...
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success in the pen said...

Personally, I would like to see points yanked, him banned from all equine associations, and some other personal things. Such as his balls strapped to a telephone wire while 50 kids blast blue paint balls at them... but that's just wishful thinking. I'm disgusted by his "statement", I'm disgusted by the smug smile in the picture, I'm disgusted with the "all about me and my current clients" attitude, and I'm disgusted he wasn't "man enough" to apologize for what took place in his barn. And while he says he has not lost any clients thus far... I know a long list of people that will never, EVER, be sending a horse to him to be trained. He might not be suffering too many consequences now, but karma bites you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your new blog- an intelligent discussion of AQHA/APHA style showing. Good and Bad. Plus helpful hints.

The Cleve Wells expose was so disappointing on so many levels. Hate to admit that I liked him, and the horses he trained, before this came out. He made a statement about training that "when my horse and myself get to thanking each other during the ride, we are having a good ride".

Sigh. All a farce.

BTW- could you continue your showmanship course and talk about hats that includes ideas on what to do with hair that is super long and thick?

success in the pen said...

Sure thing anon. I'm getting ready to write up the show grooming portion tonight. I also have a pedigree post that I am working on. But yes, I can throw some tips and tricks in there as far as "human" styles go as well.

Anonymous said...

Success', can I be one of the 'kids' shooting the paintball guns? ;)