Friday, 28 August 2009

Cattle Extravaganzas

For those of you who compete at APHA shows on a regular basis, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. Cattle extravaganzas! For those of you who don't have halter horses, yet need those halter points; go to the cattle extravaganzas! While the numbers aren't always that large, the halter classes are large enough to get points. An added benefit to the ones here in northeast Texas; if you show in any of the performance classes, the halter classes are free. Got a horse you need to complete an APHA championship with? Attend some cattle extravaganzas. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back. It was an overall great experience and I encourage those of you who do show APHA to attend a cattle extravaganza and find out what it's all about!


CCH said...

I haven't done any breed showing for many years (basically since I started cutting), but this sounds really interesting. Do you have more info, or a link?

success in the pen said...

Sure. Basically, the first day they have all the cutting, reining, and working cowhorse. the second day they have all the halter and then a few ranch horse western pleasure classes. I thought it was a neat show. Really laid back and a lot of fun.

colorisnteverything said...

I would love to do these some day. My mare would have been great for it. Unfortunately, I can't do this right now. No horse, no time, and no money haha. Plus, they definitely weren't something we had around my neck of the woods anyway.